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The Graphic Landscape covers the world of comics, graphic novels, conventions, video games and movies. The site first started years ago as a subdomain and eventually grew into its own blog.

TGL editor Enzo De Palma curates the blog and covers mainly Marvel and DC, although he also writes about movies and other comics. He is a college student in the New York City area and has blogged for TGL since 2008. He loves all things comic books and has attended Comic-Con since he was nine years old. When he reaches the San Diego Convention Center, he opens his arms wide and pronounces, “My people.”

Graphic novel reviews and insights by Gina Ruiz.

All photography (especially of Comic-con International, our mecca) by Darlene Chan who also contributes posts on Comic-con and other events.

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Enzo De Palma, editor & critic

Gina Ruiz, founder, publisher & critic

Darlene Chan, editor & photography

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